katenana_1Why Does Kate Care?

I care, because I loved my Nanna, Aileen.

When I was a little girl she was a central figure in my life, caring and sharing with me the stories that formed my sense of family. After my Grandfather passed, she happily lived alone in their home surrounded by the memories of a life together.

Some time after, when Nanna was 81 years old, I realised she was determined to continue living independently in her own home, but she had reached an age where she required daily support to safely do so.

Since I had worked in the aged care industry with various providers, I wanted to be sure that my Nanna would receive the care and understanding that I myself, or a family member would provide. With this in mind I started to explore the options. I soon discovered that there was a huge demand for quality in home care in NSW and Sydney. This inspired me to establish Kate Cares in 1998.

At Kate Cares, our professional dedication to the elderly, incapacitated  and disabled members of society is underpinned by one thing, genuine human warmth.

Our focus is on your loved ones’ dignity and quality of life. We remember that they were once young, energetic and capable. To ensure that Kate Cares meets and exceeds both your expectations and industry excellence, I personally screen all of our carers and nurses for their experience and qualification to provide all nursing, disability and in home care services. Then I make selections based on attitude, so that all of our aged care team bring energy and dedication to the values and ethics of our service.

Because it’s our goal to deliver a new and unprecedented level of aged, disability, dementia  and in home care to support your family, I invite you to join with my family and take the first step towards peace of mind with a level of care and companionship for your loved one that you yourself would provide.


Before I started my nursing agency, Kate Cares, as Maitre'd on The Venice-Simplon Orient Express I was personally chosen to assist HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on their official visit to Australia. I understand the quality of care required for very important people and at Kate Cares our philosophy is that all of our clients are very important people.
Testimonial by Kate Klunder
Kate Klunder
Founder, Director